• production of canned vegetables
  • production of medical preparations
  • production of fragrant substances
  • applied as a solvent in the production of acetylcellulose, acetone
Intended for the following fields:
Food industry (Food production)
Pharmaceutical production
Chemical industry
Manufacture of solvents and paints and varnishes
Produced composition
Colorless liquid with a characteristic smell and sour taste. Concentration: 70%.
Form of sales
Canisters - 20 l, 30 l; Barrels - 220 l; Tanks - 1000 l
Storage conditions
Store in a container protected from direct sunlight and precipitation. Transportation is carried out using transport designed to comply with the 8th class of danger. UN Code (UN) 2790
Shelf life
24 months
Product description

A transparent liquid which has an acidic taste and specific odor. Available in the concentration of 70%. Acetic acid is often used at home, it is also applied for industrial purposes: for production of drugs and medical preparations with the caustic effect. For example, preparations applied to remove warts, benign birthmarks. The additive has the code E260 in the food industry. It is safe for human health.

Acetic acid, food additive E260 – weak, limit single basic carboxylic acid. Acetic acid is actively used in production of canned vegetables and as a flavoring agent and a preservative. Vinegar with the concentration of 6-9% is a traditional acidifier in the household sphere, with which other acids are often compared. Acetic acid is applied to produce medical and fragrant substances, it is used as a solvent (for example, in production of acetylcellulose, acetone). It is also used in book printing and dyeing.

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Produced composition Mixture of anionic surfactants with stabilizing and functional additives
Form of sales Plastic containers in metal grates - 1000 l; Plastic barrels - 227 l; Plastic canisters - 21,5 l
Storage conditions Store in airtight containers, do not allow direct sunlight. Transportation by any means of transport. Does not have a hazard class.
Shelf life 12 months
Produced composition Colorless or light yellow shaded liquid
Form of sales Plastic containers in metal grates - 1000 l; Plastic barrels - 200 l; Tanks
Storage conditions Store in airtight containers, avoid direct sunlight
Shelf life 24 months
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