Defrost ECO 1 (Type 1)

Defrost ECO 1 (Type 1) Non-glycol ADF.

  • Innovative and patented product of DEFROST Technology Ltd.
  • Produced by Oksayd LLC
  • Complies with the AMS1424/ISO11074 certificates.
  • Approved by AMIL (Canada) and State Research Institute for Civil Aviation (Russia)
  • Included in HOT tables of Transport Canada and FAA on 2015-2016 winter season
  • Certificate of conformity of ISO 9001:2008

Output product:
ADF “Defrost ECO 1” – 100% concentrate

  • ADF “Defrost ECO 1” is environmentally safe, it does not include the hazardous components (such ethylene glycol, diethylene glycol) and does not pollute territory of airport
  • ADF “Defrost ECO 1” does not require disposal and installation of treatment facilities. Time of full biodeterioration – from 14 to 40 days
  • ADF “Defrost ECO 1” does not make gel deposits/scurf and removes gel deposits/scurf formed by other ADFs from the aircraft.
  • ADF “Defrost ECO 1” does not require additional heating, that allows to safe expenses on electricity and reduce time for surface of aircraft
  • ADF “Defrost ECO 1” deletes frost from hard-to-reach spots of the aircraft.


  • Aerodynamic test
  • Climatic Chamber test of ADF
  • Hard Water Stability test
  • SAE AMS 1424 Type I Qualified Fluids
  • Thermal Stability Test
  • Transport Canada HOT Tables

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