• removal of rust, oxide and salt films from ferrous and non-ferrous metals
Intended for the following fields:
Road transport
Produced composition
Liquid acid foam detergent
Form of sales
Tanks - 0.5 l
Storage conditions
From -40°C to +40°C. Not subject to freezing, but should be shaken after storage at low temperatures.
Shelf life
18 months
Product description

Universal agent for contact cleaning of ferrous and nonferrous metal car discs from corrosion and salt deposits.

Is recommended for removal of rust, oxide, salt films from ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Does not cause harm to treated surfaces.       



  1. The solution is ready for use.
  2. Apply to contaminated surfaces with a trigger or a brush. 
  3. Keep for 3-5 minutes. 
  4. Rub with a brush and rinse with water. 

Repeat treatment if necessary.

Main specifications


Liquid acid foam detergent applied to remove rust, oxide and salt films from ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Areas of application

Intended for contact cleaning of ferrous and non-ferrous discs from traces of corrosion and salt deposits

Recommended only for domestic and professional use.

General guidelines and dosage

Apply the product on surfaces to be cleaned with a trigger, rub with a brush, follow by 5-15 minutes exposure and wash off with water. The product can be used at temperatures from 0оС to 35оС. Storage and transportation of the product can be carried out at temperatures from +45оС to -25оС. The product freezes at temperatures below -1оС, restoring its properties after thawing and shaking.


Softened water, sulfamic acid, corrosion inhibitor, NAEI less than 5%.

Technical data

Appearance, odor – semitransparent liquid, color: from light yellow to light brown, without a characteristic odor.

Density – 1.03-1.05 g/cm3 

Storage at the temperature from -40оС to +40оС without freezing. 

Chemical character – non-ionic.

Water solubility – complete at any ratio.

pH 1% solution – more than 3


Avoid using the product, the concentrate and working solution at temperatures below 0°C, on the skin, mucous membranes, clothes, stomach. Do not spray the product using DAC, foam generator, sprayer.

Overexposure to drying of the product on the car painted surface and surfaces of aluminum and metallized parts, as well as on clothing, can lead to irreversible damage.

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Produced composition Liquid medium (ready-made solution)
Form of sales Tanks - 1L and canisters - 5L. Aerosol - 1000 ml.
Storage conditions From -18°C to +40°C. The freezing temperature is about 0°C. In the course of subsequent defrosting and stirring, retains properties.
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Form of sales Tanks - 1L and canisters - 5L
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Shelf life 18 months
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