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Intended for the following fields:
Road transport
Produced composition
Liquid medium (ready-made solution)
Form of sales
Tanks - 1L and canisters - 5L. Aerosol - 1000 ml.
Storage conditions
From -18°C to +40°C. The freezing temperature is about 0°C. In the course of subsequent defrosting and stirring, retains properties.
Shelf life
18 months
Product description

Concentrated product for cleaning and giving a matte shine to dashboard surfaces, plastic trim and artificial leather elements inside a car. It is recommended to be used for cleaning of any plastic and imitation leather components.

Does not cause harm to treated surfaces.



  1. Prepare the working solution in a clean container at the rate of 200 ml of the concentrate per 1 liter of water. 
  2. Apply with a sponge or a tissue on previously cleaned surfaces.
  3. Thoroughly rub with circular motions on the surface until uniformity. 

Does not require flushing.

Main specifications


Liquid concentrated detergent for cleaning of matte shine plastic and artificial leather.

Areas of application

For dashboard, plastic trim, leather surface cleaning inside vehicles.

Recommended for domestic and professional use.

Methodological recommendations and dosage

Used as a freshly prepared working solution in the concentration with water equal to 1/5. Does not require flushing.

Applied with a sponge or a cloth on the previously cleaned surfaces with subsequent rubbing to a uniform condition.


Distilled water, fatty alcohol, silicone, concentrated surfactants less than 5%.

Technical data

Appearance, odor – viscous emulsion with pH 6-8, colorless dye, odor – not expressed or the smell of fragrance.

Density – 0.98-1.02 g/cm3

Storage at temperatures from -40оС to +40оС. The freezing temperature is -1оС. Retains properties during subsequent defrosting and stirring.


Safe to use. Do not allow getting into the stomach.

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