• car interior cleaning
Intended for the following fields:
Road transport
Produced composition
Liquid concentrated low alkaline foaming agent
Form of sales
Tanks - 1L and canisters - 5L
Storage conditions
From -18°C to +40°C. Freezing temperature at the level -15°C. Prolonged storage at low temperatures can cause delamination of the product (restores properties after exposure to temperatures above +5°C with subsequent mixing)
Shelf life
18 months
Product description

Concentrated agent for cleaning of car interior elements from any dirt. Ideal for cleaning of fabric, velour, synthetic leather, plastic and glass.

Does not cause harm to treated surfaces.

Possesses color renewal effect.



  1. Prepare the working solution in a clean container at the rate of 100-200 ml of the concentrate per 1 liter of water. 
  2. Automatic. A detergent vacuum cleaner or an extractor can be used to deliver the chemical solution to the surface to be cleaned and then it is necessary to remove it together with dust and dirt into the disposal tank.
  3. Manual. Rub the detergent with a sponge or a brush to dirty surfaces by whipping of foam. Wash off with a sponge moistened with water. Dry with an absorbent suede or microfiber cloth. In case of cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, the resulting foam solution can be collected with a vacuum cleaner together with dust and dirt.
Main specifications


Liquid concentrated low-alkaline foam agent intended for contact cleaning of pile and lint-free textile materials.

Areas of application

For cleaning of textile upholstery in the interior of a vehicle with the effect of color renewal.

Recommended for domestic and professional use.

General guidelines and dosage

Used as a working solution in water 1/5-1/10, applied by rubbing with a sponge or brushing on dirty surfaces, followed by washing off with a sponge wetted with water. Application of a sponge is preferable because the dirt is largely absorbed by the sponge. Accelerated drying of surfaces can be achieved with a household hair dryer or a water pump. 


Softened water, phosphonates, phosphates, sodium (P2O5 less than 5%) and EDTA less than 5%, anionic surfactants – less than 5%, NAEI less than 5%, carboxylates, silicates, optical bleach.

Technical data

Appearance, odor – semi-transparent low viscosity light yellow with a green tint, not possessing a characteristic odor.

Density – 1.04-1.07 g/cm3

Storage at temperatures from -18оС to +40оС. Freezing temperature about -5оС. Prolonged storage at low temperatures can cause delamination of the product (restores properties after exposure to temperatures above +5оС, with subsequent mixing).

Chemical character – anionic.

Water solubility – complete at any ratio.

pH 1% solution 10.3±0.2

Ability to biodegradation – more than 90%.


Avoid using of the product at temperatures below 0°C, getting the concentrate on the skin and contact of the working solution with mucous membranes. Do not allow getting into the stomach. It is recommended to use hand protection means – rubber gloves when working.

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Produced composition Liquid medium (ready-made solution)
Form of sales Tanks - 1L and canisters - 5L. Aerosol - 1000 ml.
Storage conditions From -18°C to +40°C. The freezing temperature is about 0°C. In the course of subsequent defrosting and stirring, retains properties.
Shelf life 18 months
Produced composition Liquid medium, the product is combustible, has a specific odor, almost invisible in the open air
Form of sales Canisters - 5l
Storage conditions From -40°C to +40°C. Not subject to freezing, but should be shaken after storage at low temperatures
Shelf life 18 months
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