• regulation of filtration properties in low-mineralized water-based drilling fluids
Intended for the following fields:
Oil and gas industry
Produced composition
White to brown powder or lumps
Form of sales
Bag 25kg; 1000KG
Storage conditions
In covered dry storage rooms or under a canopy in conditions that prevent the ingress of atmospheric precipitation
Shelf life
12 months
Product description

NORTROL is a powdered synthetic sodium polyacrylate polymer used as a primary filtration regulator in brackish water-based drilling fluids.

Low molecular weight.

NORTROL is a pure synthetic polymer that does not undergo bacterial degradation and is stable for a long time in the drilling fluid.

The temperature of stability is about 200 ºС, which makes it possible to use it to control filtration in deep high-temperature wells.

NORTROL is used in a wide variety of water-based drilling fluids, including fresh, lignosulfonate treated, low solids, and heavyweight systems.

The optimum effect is achieved with fresh drilling fluids.

Improves filtration control by adsorbing on the surface of solid particles in the drilling fluid, clogging pore spaces, which leads to a decrease in the permeability of the filter cake.

For optimal application results, the calcium level should not exceed 400 ppm.

NORTROL also has a positive effect on the stability and rheology of the drilling fluid, exhibits poor flocculant properties and can also increase bentonite yield.

Main specifications
Recommended treatment
The recommended processing level for NORTROL is a concentration of 1.5 to 6.0 kg / m³. To achieve maximum performance, it is recommended that the respective mud system be pretreated with this material prior to drilling active clays and shales.
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Produced composition Powder of white or light yellow color
Form of sales Bags - 25kg; 1000kg
Storage conditions Store in covered storage areas, preventing direct sunlight and moisture, at temperatures not exceeding 40°C
Shelf life 24 months
Produced composition Transparent or slightly opalescent, colorless or colored from light yellow to light brown liquid
Form of sales Eurocube / barrel / canister 30l and 200l
Storage conditions In closed, ventilated or open storage areas
Shelf life 12 months
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