• treatment of old gas wells or low velocity zones with the problem of fluid accumulation at the bottom hole
Intended for the following fields:
Oil and gas industry
Produced composition
Transparent or slightly opalescent, colorless or colored from light yellow to light brown liquid
Form of sales
Eurocube / barrel / canister 30l and 200l
Storage conditions
In closed, ventilated or open storage areas
Shelf life
12 months
Product description

RHZOL VS is a highly efficient foaming agent for mineralized systems.

The product is a system of anionic surfactants that dissolve well in concentrated brines, reducing their density to the required values.

RZHOL VS is perfectly soluble in water, in aqueous solutions of salts and their mixtures, such as calcium nitrates and chlorides, sodium and potassium chlorides, sodium and potassium formates, sodium, zinc, calcium bromides, showing high foaming properties.

It is used to treat old gas wells or low velocity zones with the problem of liquid accumulation at the bottom. By reducing the density of the fluid and surface tension, the formation fluid can be pumped out in places of its accumulation at the bottomhole using natural reservoir energy, since excessive accumulation of fluid prevents the achievement of the potential production rate of the well.

Compatible with produced fluids, kill fluids and chemicals used in oil and gas production processes.

RHZOL VS is designed for use in salt solutions with a wide range of salt percentages (0-25% TDS). Allows gas condensate content up to 40%. The product can be used at temperatures up to 85 ºC. It is used both for dosed, shock treatment and for continuous processing.

Depending on temperature and application, waiting periods may be required to achieve optimum gas production.

With a continuous process of pumping the reagent, the volumes are from 0.5 l / t to 5 g / t (depending on the degree of water cut).

In batch processing, from 5 g is pumped for each m³ of liquid, depending on the percentage of condensate in the liquid.

Where condensation is present, more blowing agent will be required.

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