• drilling fluid additive
  • killing fluid
Intended for the following fields:
Oil and gas industry
Produced composition
White or slightly yellowish powder
Form of sales
Bag 25kg; 1000kg
Storage conditions
In closed warehouses, excluding the ingress of atmospheric precipitation and groundwater
Shelf life
24 months
Product description

Formates have a number of advantages over inorganic salts, both in terms of the degree of inhibition of clay deposits and shales, and in the field of environmental safety. At the same time, the use of potassium and sodium formates leads to an increase in the thermal stability of drilling fluids based on polysaccharide reagents. Such flushing fluids have low corrosive activity, which allows the use of expensive equipment for drilling, well development and tools. Potassium and sodium formates are fully compatible with formation fluids in terms of pH and impact on drilling fluids.

The use of organic salts leads to a decrease in the friction coefficient of drilling fluids, which is especially important for complex directional, horizontal well drilling.

The thermal stability of formate-based drilling fluids allows drilling any wells, regardless of their temperature gradient. Owing to the possibility of using polysaccharide reagents to stabilize the rheological and filtration parameters of such flushing fluids, it is possible to achieve low values ​​of the filtration index and stable values ​​of plastic viscosity and dynamic shear stress that are adjustable over a wide range.

Formate drilling fluids have low values ​​of hydraulic resistance and coefficient of friction.

NORDIX offers its Clients formate reagents of its own production in any concentration.

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Produced composition Liquid - from brown to black color, sediments are allowed
Form of sales Barrels/canisters - 200 l
Storage conditions Store in warehouses, away from fire sources
Shelf life 12 months
Produced composition Powder of white or light yellow color
Form of sales Bags - 25kg; 1000kg
Storage conditions Store in covered storage areas, preventing direct sunlight and moisture, at temperatures not exceeding 40°C
Shelf life 24 months
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