• Used for thickening acid compositions used in technologies for treating the bottomhole zone of wells, restoring permeability and injectivity of a productive formation.
Intended for the following fields:
Oil and gas industry
Produced composition
Liquid: from light yellow to dark-brown in color
Form of sales
Storage conditions
In closed ventilated or open storage areas
Shelf life
12 months
Product description

RXZOL ZK is a thickener intended for acidic compositions. The product is a surfactant composition which can be dissolved in concentrated acid compositions, increasing their viscosity to the required values and forming a gel structure.

It is soluble in water, in solutions of acid compositions and acids, such as hydrochloric, formic, acetic, acetic, sulfuric, hydrofluoric acid and exhibits high structure-forming properties.

It can be applied used in lower dosage variants in comparison with standard acid composition thickeners. It is compatible with produced fluids, blanketing fluids, as well as with chemical reagents used in oil and gas production processes.

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Produced composition Liquid: from light yellow to brown in color
Form of sales Eurocube / barrel / canister
Storage conditions Enclosed, ventilated storage premises
Shelf life 24 months
Aqueous solution of hydrochloric acid
Produced composition Colorless transparent liquid without suspended particles
Form of sales Eurocube / barrel / canister
Storage conditions Indoor, dry rooms; in containers made of materials resistant to hydrochloric acid
Shelf life 1 year from the date of production
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