• splitting of heavy and light hydrocarbons of oil
Intended for the following fields:
Oil and gas industry
Product description

Biological preparation of a new generation (not GMP), obtained by cultivation of specially selected microorganisms. The preparation is used to purify water contaminated with oil products, soil, industrial sludge, etc. The method is suitable for splitting of both heavy and light hydrocarbons of oil. Microorganisms use oil hydrocarbons as one of the sources of power and break them down to safe for human and environment compounds – H2O and CO2. This technology makes it possible to restore the primary properties of soil and water, thus meeting the most stringent requirements provided towards environmental protection.

Our advantages

The company was founded in 1996

30 000

tons of products are sold annually

We deliver goods to all regions of the Russian Federation, CIS, Europe and Turkey


More than 200 partners

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Produced composition Porous bulk material
Form of sales Bags - 1000kg
Storage conditions In covered dry storage areas, preventing the ingress of atmospheric precipitation
Shelf life Not limited
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