• killing, testing and conservation of oil, gas and gas condensate wells
Intended for the following fields:
Oil and gas industry
Produced composition
Homogeneous liquid not having visible mechanical impurities
Form of sales
Eurocube / barrel / canister
Storage conditions
In a tightly closed container, avoiding penetration of foreign substances, influence of direct sunlight and atmospheric precipitation, at temperatures not below minus 50°C
Shelf life
24 months
Product description

NORDIX is a developer and manufacturer of a unique formate-based blanking fluid – RHZOL TZG.

One of the most important steps applied when choosing a killing fluid is preservation of reservoir properties in a productive formation.

Generally speaking, the killing fluid has to meet the following requirements:

  • its density shall be sufficient to provide necessary back pressure on a formation;
  • it shall be technological in terms of preparation and use;
  • it shall not cause any corrosive and aggressive effect on casing and production equipment;
  • it shall not affect the geophysical survey data in a well;
  • it shall not decrease reservoir properties of producing formations during well workover and perforation operations;
  • it shall be compatible with other process fluids used for well workover operations;
  • it shall be thermally stable under specific conditions of its application;
  • it shall be explosion and fire safe.

RHZOL TZG is a formiate-based process fluid with the following advantages:

  • high degree of reservoir properties preservation due to the absence of a solid phase;
  • high inhibiting capability in relation to the clay shale;
  • compatibility with formation waters;
  • low corrosive activity;
  • environmental safety of application;
  • low crystallization temperature (minus 35°С);
  • variable and multi-purpose usage of the solution due to its high enzymatic stability;
  • control of solution density without the application of the solid phase;
  • increased temperature stability of the solution;
  • RHZOL TZG is characterized by the wide density range of up to 1.60 g/cm³.

RHZOL TZG is used for killing, testing and conservation of oil, gas and gas condensate wells.

Application of RHZOL TZG does not require additional expensive operations of heating, dissolution, weighting by introduction of mechanical additives, stirring.

Our advantages

The company was founded in 1996

30 000

tons of products are sold annually

We deliver goods to all regions of the Russian Federation, CIS, Europe and Turkey


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Produced composition Transparent or slightly opalescent colorless or light yellow to light brown colored liquid
Form of sales Eurocube / barrel / canister
Storage conditions Enclosed, ventilated storage premises
Shelf life 12 months
Produced composition Homogeneous liquid from light yellow to brown color
Form of sales Eurocube / barrel / canister
Storage conditions In closed ventilated or open storage areas
Shelf life 12 months
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