Heat Transfer Liquids And Coolants

Nordix offers ready-made coolants on the formiate basis - Nordway-Form, acetate-based Nordway-HN, propylene glycol-based Nordway-PRO and ethylene glycol-based solutions.
They cause no negative impact on man and nature. Permitted for use without restrictions, including those in the food industry.
NORDWAY coolants are fireproof, not toxic. Hazard class 4 (lowest in the classification).
Leakages in case of accidents or application do not disturb the environmental balance.

Our advantages

The company was founded in 1996

30 000

tons of products are sold annually

We deliver goods to all regions of the Russian Federation, CIS, Europe and Turkey


More than 200 partners

Our clients
Our products are supplied to leading enterprises and manufactures



Road enterprises

Oil and gas companies

Sports objects

Food holdings

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