Liquid runway deicer NORDWAY on the acetate basis

  • intended for processing airfield and road surfaces
Intended for the following fields:
Produced composition
Slightly colored liquid with the low viscosity level
Form of sales
Plastic containers in metal grates - 1000 l; Plastic barrels - 227 l; Tanks
Storage conditions
Store in a warehouse or open space under a canopy. Maximum storage temperature -60ºC
Shelf life
24 months
Product description

The acetate-based liquid reagent has been developed taking into account requests of customers interested in anti-icing materials intended for use in extreme climatic conditions, and at the same time showing high environmental characteristics.

It is recommended for use in areas with extreme climatic conditions and showing high environmental requirements. It is used for processing all types of runways.

NORDWAY anti-icing reagents on the basis of acetates represent low-viscosity, poorly colored liquids consisting of combinations of oxygen, carbon, hydrogen and potassium. Unlike natural chlorine compounds, they represent a product of deliberate synthesis, which explains their unique properties: low temperature of crystallization, exothermic effect of dilution, environmental friendliness, absence of corrosive activity in relation to metals and concrete, and other necessary properties. The properties of NORDWAY anti-gold reagents are also shown during the application process.

Main specifications
Main specifications BRANDS
NORDWAY Brand 1 Nordway Super NORDWAY Brand 2 Nordway Enhanced NORDWAY Brand 3 Nordway
Appearance Transparent liquid with light yellow tint without visible mechanical impurities
pH at 20ºC 9-11
Solution density at 20ºC 1,28-1,3 г/см3 1,25-1,26 г/см3 1,24-1,26 г/см3
Freezing temperature -59 -56 -56
Main active ingredient Potassium acetate
Impact ratio (impact on concrete) not exceeding 0,2
Corrosive effects on steel, cadmium and zinc coating, aluminum alloy not exceeding 0.1 mg/cm² per day
Coefficient of adhesion after fracture product removal not less than 80% of the adhesion value on wet surfaces
Scope of application for treatment of airfield and road surfaces located in the Far North, on sea coasts, in the foothills with frequent extreme conditions of ice formation features enhanced protection against impact on concrete surfaces, metal structures and slightly improved performance properties on all types of airfield and road surfaces. Is widely applied in Russia and CIS countries
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